René Abreu

Game Developer - Programmer - Producer



Unity 80% C# 70% Java 40% Web 30% Illustrator 40% Photoshop 35% Game Design 40% Memes 50%


Hello, my name is René and I am a Game Developer, Programmer, Producer and Actor mainly based in Rio de Janeiro, although sometimes you may find me at Santiago, Chile. I work with games since 2015. And published my first game in 2016.

My passion for games started when I was a child while playing computer games and designing boardgames to play with my friends. When I was about 11 years old I got interested in how to develop them, so I started studying programming by myself with rpgmaker scripting. And at 17 I started with python scripts and clonning games at Unity 4 using C#.

This way I got some experience before enrolling at UFRRJ's Computer Science graduation where I've improved my programming skill. I started looking for a game dev internship but as couldn't find one, I decided to become a Freelance Game Developer.

A couple years later I heard about IFRJ and their Tecnolgy in Digital Games course and in my third year at UFRRJ I dropped Computer Science to study Digital Games.

I enrolled at IFRJ in 2017, and there I founded a startup called Blue Hill Games with a friend. With it we were invited to expose our games in a few events, being Game XP, that occurred during the Rock in Rio 2017, one of them.

In 2018, for personal reasons I had to leave Blue Hill. Then I started focusing on other projects and worked in other companies and startups like Arcolabs, Gamer Trials, and some freelance projects.

Currently I'm still a freelance developer on my spare time. I'm also working on personal projects such as games, unity extensions, websites and mobile apps.

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