Release Date: This game wasn't released

Studio: Blue Hill Games

Platform: PC

Team Size: 4

Project length: 6 months

Language: C#

Engine and Tools: Unity

My Participation

Role: Programmer, Project Manager

Tasks: I was the only programmer so I made the whole game. I made a simple-to-edit tileset system so our Level Designer could edit levels meanwhile I was focusing in other systems.

Extra Info
  • This game was created at Playbor Game Jam 2017
  • We passed in the Playbor Pre-Acceleration Program after the Game Jam
  • We also passed in the Silicio Fluminense Incubator Program
  • We made a pitch of the game and had a stand with a test-build at Game XP during the Rock in Rio 2017
  • We were invited to present a pitch of the game at BiblioMaison, inside the Consulate of France in Rio de Janeiro, during the Novembre Numérique Brasil event.

About The Game

Wired is a puzzle-platformer game, where you play as Ohm, a robot whose mission is to stop the government's spaceship before it eliminates the resistance. To complete your mission, you should avoid enemies and walk through wires to solve puzzles.

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