Game do Corinthians



Release Date: June/2018

Studio: Arcolabs

Platform: Android, iOS

Team Size: 9

Project length: 10 months

Language: C#

Engine and Tools: Unity, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash

My Participation

Role: Programmer, Project Manager

Tasks: I created a bunch of custom systems that could improve our work time automating some changes that we wanted to do. I also implemented a custom card system as a reward to the players. Created a system that save data on our servers. Mantain the game with new updates and bug fixes. After our project manager leave the study I took most responsabilities and became the new game's project manager.

Extra Info

Game Do Corinthians was my first big project and it opened my eyes to a lot of new things. It was (and still being) an awesome experience to be in this team. We have a multidisciplinary team with Game Designers, Artists, Programmers, Actors, Sound Designers and we have a lot of on-going projects so we have to keep all teams updated because most of us work in more than one project at a time. Being in a team like this makes my teamwork ability grow even bigger. Since we are a small studio I can even make my own experiments there, like managing, present a new project or even bring fresh ideas. It's awesome.

About The Game

Game do Corinthians is a mobile match-3 game, made for the brazilian soccer team Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, aka Corinthians. It's a game that tells the team's story, aproaching the club to it's fans. Also Game do Corinthians have a few mini-games, and even more coming, to entertaint the players meanwhile they are out of life in the main game.

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