Game do Corinthians



Release Date: June/2018

Studio: Arcolabs

Platform: Android, iOS

Team Size: 9

Project length: 10 months

Language: C#

Engine and Tools: Unity, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash

My Participation

Role: Programmer, Project Manager

Tasks: I created a bunch of custom systems that could improve our work-time automating some changes that we wanted to do. I also implemented a custom card system as a reward for players. Working with the backend team we designed and created an api and assets that collect and save player and game data in our servers. I mantained the game with new updates and bug fixes until January 2019. After our project manager left the company I acted as the game's project manager.

Extra Info

Game Do Corinthians was my first big project. I learned a lot with it. We had a multidisciplinary team with Game Designers, Artists, Programmers, Voice Actors, Sound Designers. Being on a team like this improved my teamwork. Since we were a small studio I could experiments some stuff there, like project management, participate with ideas for new projects, creation of Unity assets to be used in other projects.

About The Game

Game do Corinthians is a mobile match-3 game, made for the brazilian soccer team Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, aka Corinthians. It's a game that tells the team's story, aproaching the club to it's fans. Also it has a few mini-games, and even more coming, to entertaint the players meanwhile they are out of life in the main game.

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