Girl Make Up



Release Date: march/2016

Studio: Freelance Job

Platform: Android

Team Size: 1

Project length: 3 weeks

Language: C#

Engine and Tools: Unity

My Participation

Role: Programmer

Tasks: I was contracted to program the whole game. It included a step-by-step system, where you only can go to the next step after complete the current step. The game also required a customization system and a screenshot system inside a frame.

Extra Info

This was my first freelance job. I was so nervous about not being capable of complete the job, but all went well and the client was satisfied. I learned a lot with this project. My contractor called me for more jobs a few months later, but I had to refuse because I was too busy with other projects.

About The Game

Girl Make Up is a mobile game that you run a beauty salon and you have to prepare the girls, cleaning their faces, making-up them and also customizing their hairstyles, earrings, eye colors and much more.

Play the Game

This game is not maintained by me anymore. I checked the game and the core system that I made is still there, but there are a few modifications which I have nothing to do with.