Release Date: August/2016

Studio: none

Platform: Android

Team Size: 2

Project length: 4 months

Language: C#

Engine and Tools: Unity, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

My Participation

Role: Programmer, artist(sometimes), game designer

Tasks: I made the concept, design and programmed the whole game.

Extra Info

SpaceCows was born in a night of Semptember 2015 after I told Andressa Kranen that I wanted to start developing games as my profession, but I thought I wasn't good enough. She just gave me my kickstart that night. We designed the whole game together and the next day she gave my all the first arts of the game.
Later that day we had our first test build.

About The Game

SpaceCows is a arcade mobile game, where you have to abduct as much cows as you can.

Play the Game